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We offer a variety of fully automated and semi-automated filling, labelling, coding and packaging lines. We also have table-top vacuum fillers for smaller runs, enabling us to fill and pack products without high minimum order quantities.

Statfold has been a supplier to the cosmetic industry for 20 years, producing a variety of seed oils and supplying a comprehensive range of traded materials used in the manufacture of world-class brands. We’re also contract manufacturers of health and beauty products and offer a full contract development service, specialising in natural and organic formulations, which includes washes, serums, facial creams, and body oils and creams.
For more information please contact sales@statfold-oils.co.uk
Please see links at the bottom this page for Natual Oils & Beauty Bases also Contract Manufacturing for Health and Beauty Products..

Leave-on products

We’re able to fill a variety of cosmetic formulations and blends, from mobile liquids to high-viscose formulations. These include: •...


Wash-off products

We’re able to fill a variety of surfactant-based wash-off formulations. These include: • Liquid soaps • Shower gels •...


Filling options

A variety of filling machines enables us to offer a range of packaging solutions, which includes tubes, jars, and plastic and glass. We have...