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Anti-Ageing Natural Oils; The Industry Secret is Out…

You could say we’re pretty passionate about our natural oils here at Statfold Seed Oil.
In fact, we’ve spent some 20 years working with farmers, suppliers and producers across the globe just so we can provide people with some of the most powerful and nourishing oils that the natural world can offer.
Until now, these cold-pressed organic natural oil combinations were only made available to the cosmetic market for use in popular branded products.
But when we created our signature skin care product incorporating our unique blend of natural oils for anti-ageing and anti-pollution – we knew we couldn’t keep this an industry secret for much longer.
So now, we’re making our best kept secret available to all – so that anyone who wants to, can directly purchase this natural and organic anti-ageing cream.
We’re also excited to find out what you think of this unique formulation and would love for you to tell us.1 But first, here’s the fascinating ingredients that work together to provide a natural protection against urban pollution while nourishing and revitalising sensitive skin.  
Introducing NPD-17-001 Anti-Ageing Skin Care Formulation
Not only is NPD-17-001 free from chemicals, parabens, allergens, GMO and animal testing, but it’s also brand-name free.  As it comes straight from our on-site laboratories to your nightstand, you can consider NPD-17-001 as part of your own personal cosmetic range.
And what is included in your unisex NPD-17-001 skin care formulation?
Extracts of Dandelion, Elkhorn Sea Moss and Tara (sourced from Peru): A clinically proven combination that protects the skin from the stresses and premature ageing caused by urban pollution. With naturally derived hyaluronic acid, this formulation boosts the skins natural collagen production and cell turnover to reduce fine lines and even out skin tone.
Kakadu Plum: With the highest recorded level of natural vitamin C of any plant in the world (100x more than oranges), Kakadu plum extract holds superior antioxidant properties that improve skin tone, reduces wrinkles and helps to protect the skin from sun damage and pollution.
Raspberry Seed Oil: Originally developed to help prevent cancer, this oil has UV absorptive properties* and high polyphenolic compounds known for their anti-cancer properties. Containing the most active form of Vitamin E, raspberry seed oil is deeply nourishing and is known to be used in relieving eczema and skin rashes; making it an excellent natural oil for sensitive skin.
Strawberry Seed Oil: With an ideal balance of omega 3, 6 and 9, the beautifully nourishing cold-pressed oil is excellent for its anti-pollution properties, reducing the effects of oxidative stress in the skin.
Cranberry Seed Oil: As one of the richest known sources of Vitamin E and containing a powerful natural antioxidant, cranberry seed oil is highly effective at protecting the skin from environmental pollution. Supplying the skin with critical, essential nutrients, many people that suffer from eczema, fibromyalgia or psoriasis are advised to use cranberry seed oil with its blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that are crucial for healthy skin.
Blueberry Seed Oil: With one of the highest naturally occurring levels of phytoterols, blueberry seed oil holds strong anti-inflammatory properties that work to prevent damage and increase skin repair.
Omega 6 berry blend: The above berry seed blends contain compositions of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that provide the perfect balance for sensitive skins. Optimised content of Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) delivers a fast absorbing and nourishing oil with an anti-inflammatory result to soothe irritated skin.
All the above oils are produced entirely in-house at our laboratories in Staffordshire, UK and are cold-pressed and filtered to give the highest quality oils that maintain their nutritional value. We even source our fruit seeds from the waste by-product of juice and jam manufacturers – making our natural organic oils JAM-packed full of natural goodness.

Getting-In on the Secret of Natural Oils for Sensitive Skin

Caring for sensitive skin as a person living or working in an urban environment has enough of its own worries without the hassle of trying to find an effective and affordable anti-ageing cream that actually agrees with your skin type.
Now with NPD-17-001, you can take on the city with confidence…. emerging through the smog of chemical pollutants, fumes and smoke with truly radiant and healthy skin, thanks to this cream’s natural skin restoring nutrients.
Using a powerful concentration of nutrients and vitamins found in nature, this anti-ageing and anti-pollution formulation:
  • Absorbs quickly and is ideal as day or night cream
  • Soothes sensitive and aggravated skin
  • Nourishes and hydrates
  • Is non-comedogenic
  • Protects against damaging urban pollution
  • Provides natural UV protection*
  • Directly delivers antioxidant properties to the skin
  • Boosts collagen production to reduce fine lines
  • Is suitable for vegetarians
If you believe the nutritional benefits of the worlds natural oils are far superior to the alternative anti-ageing chemical cosmetics that are popular today, then you need to get in on this exclusive product before it’s too late.
With only a limited number produced in our laboratories each month, NPD-17-001 could soon be someone else’s best kept secret.
So, to get hold of a 50ml bottle of NPD-17-001 for £12.50 visit our Facebook page where you can make a secure online purchase.
Don’t forget to send us a selfie using the product with hashtag #NPD17001 and your thoughts on this new signature anti-ageing and anti-pollution natural oil for sensitive skin.
*The use of Raspberry Seed Oil on the skin is not equivalent to use of a properly formulated SPF.

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