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Find a Private Label Organic Oil Supplier

It’s official. Sales of organic products are soaring.
The 2017 Organic Market Report from the UK Soil Association has revealed a +7% increase over 2016 for purchase of organic produce, rising to £2.09bn. As this is the fifth consecutive year of growth, it’s also expected 2017/18 will be just as lucrative.
As a retailer of food or nutritional products, this is a figure that can’t be ignored. Introducing, or increasing your options for organic produce is indeed an important consideration, especially if you are looking to sell organic produce under your own label and branding.
As a leading UK Organic Oil producer and supplier, we are seeing more and more interest from medium to large retailers wanting white label organic oils to sell under their own branding. In addition, consumers are showing preferences when it comes to selecting organic oils, including the provenance of the ingredients, the origin, as well as the nutritional benefits, quality and cost.
So to increase the likelihood of repeat purchases, you’ll need a UK certified organic oil supplier that ticks all the boxes for your brand, and your customers’ needs.
Let us briefly explain more…

Finding the Right UK Organic Oil Producer for Your Brand

When looking for the right UK organic oil supplier for your own label, it’s important to consider your customers wants and your own requirements.
We advise looking for the following when deciding on the best organic oils for your brand:

1.UK Organic Certification

Every reputable UK organic oil producer will be registered as a member of the UK Soil Association. Certification for the organic standard will ensure that your natural oils are genuinely organic, not genetically modified and are grown completely without harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. This requires the organic oil producer to meet strict standards and yearly inspections.
This certification is a great selling point for customers, not just for peace of mind, but for nutritional benefits because certified organic oil not only has superior quality, but holds 60% more key antioxidants than conventionally grown produce.

2.Locally Grown Produce

Simply stating the region your organic oil is produced, can be the determining factor between buying your brand over another. A UK Government survey found that more than two thirds of people feel that buying British is important, and three quarters prefer to buy local fruit and vegetables.
As an organic oil producer in Staffordshire, our huge range of organic oils can be proudly labelled as grown, refined and bottled in the heart of the UK; a powerful selling point that is often overlooked.

3.High Quality Refining and Cold-Pressing

UK organic oil suppliers not only put great emphasis on the natural growing method, but also on the best possible oil extraction process.
The cold-pressed organic oil method is a great way of maximising antioxidants and nutrients that can be destroyed by excessive heat. At our organic oil farms, we only cold-press the seeds once, so that the oil retains a high level of naturally occurring essential fatty acids to ensure its natural goodness. It also helps if your selected organic oil producer press fresh seeds on a regular basis to ensure a low peroxide value and longer shelf life, which is something we always do to ensure the best quality product every time.
Your UK organic oil producer should also offer an on-site refining and deodorising service for cosmetic organic oils and natural crude oils, in order to remove any impurities and provide a high quality organic oil.
As an additional benefit to the cold-pressing or refining services we offer at our organic oil production, we also provide botanical extraction processing. This carefully controlled process allows us to perform extractions from both fresh and dried materials, such as flowers, leaves, roots, bark and stems whilst avoiding degradation and oxidation of the product; perfect for private label production of organic essential oils.
Here are the variety of organic oils you can sell under your branding with the cold-press process, refining process or botanical extraction.

4.White Label / Private Labelling, Filling and Packing

Locating an organic oil supplier that not only produces, but can fill, label and pack your orders can also save you additional costs.
Look for UK organic oil suppliers that have access to state-of-the-art automated filling and labelling equipment, in order to keep down costs associated with labour.
As we provide large minimum order quantities of organic oil for retailers, we utilise a range of vacuum–assisted production vessels that can produce batches from 500 to 30,000 units per day. Our in-built capping, labelling and coding systems also provide an excellent professional finish and seal with batch numbers and BBD.
Having the freedom to choose your packaging options and sizes, with tubes, jars, plastic or glass is also important for the integrity of your organic oils and representation for your branding.

5.Responsiveness, Communication and Professionalism

Finally, a good contract manufacturing agreement with your UK organic oil producer is an important part of maintaining a steady supply of your private label organic oils. Organic oil suppliers that are experienced in dealing with large retailers and have in place systems to identify demand, will go a long way in helping you meet customer need.
As well as recognised assurances and accreditations for quality and control, your organic oil producer should also evidence a high level of professionalism with regular communication and responsiveness to your individual needs; something that should be obvious during your visit to the facilities and initial consultation.

Benefiting from Increased Organic Oil Demand

With demand for high quality, locally produced organic oils continuing to grow each year, many retailers will be seeking reputable organic oil producers for their own private label product lines.
Will you be one of them?
With our list of helpful points to consider when choosing the right UK organic oil supplier for your branding, you can be confident in making the best decision.
If you are interested in partnering with us for your organic oil private label supplies, please contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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