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What We Manufacture

We specialise in natural and organic formulations, including washes, serums, facial creams, and body oils and creams.

We offer various formulations for skincare and haircare, including creams, lotions, washes, gels, body scrubs, exfoliators, shampoos, conditioners, body and face oils, plus organic and natural formulations.

We develop and manufacture complete skincare regimes for the face and body, in a variety of formulations including SLS and paraben-free. All the formulations are available bulk packed.

Facial care:
• Light serums
• Eco gels
• Eye gels/serums
• Moisturisers
• Cleansers
• Fruit skin-peel exfoliators
• Alcohol-free toners
• Light oil-based products, including balms

Body care:
• Full body scrubs
• Exfoliators
• Body washes
• Shampoos and conditioners
• Body and bath oils.
If you already have your formulation and want to purchase bulk product, we prepare a representative sample for your approval before production.
Please note that as new and innovative ingredients appear, we can now manufacture organic and natural skincare products with clinically tested active ingredients.

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