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About Us

Statfold Seed Oil was established in 1996 as a producer of cold-pressed seed and fruit oils. By 2005 our operation had expanded to include produced and globally sourced ingredients, contract filling and private-labelled oils, as well as bulk serving the personal care and food markets.

In 2011, with the organic and natural industry booming and the experience we’d gained supplying, producing and sourcing many of the ingredients used in cosmetic formulation, we decided to enter into contract manufacturing.


Company History

Statfold Seed Oil started out as a small cottage industry, producing high-quality flax, borage, hemp and evening primrose oils. Thanks to an early decision to gain the UK Soil Association’s organic standard, we soon became a producer and supplier of organic oils to the food and cosmetics markets. We quickly discovered opportunities for bottled oil and private-labelled oils, so our next move was to invest in a bottle-filling and labelling line.

As our ingredients business began to grow rapidly, we added more innovative seed and fruit oils to our product list, along with a wide range of globally sourced ingredients used in the personal care industries. After discovering the need for small-batch refining, we developed our unique small-run refining and deodorising process.

In 2011, we updated our premises to meet the high standards required for health and beauty manufacturing, which included building a fully operational laboratory. Today, we offer a full contract development service combined with full regulative service.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide an excellent, unrivalled service alongside innovative and ethical product ranges. We produce and develop high-quality raw materials and finished products with enthusiasm, accuracy and efficiency, and constantly strive to be the provider of high-quality natural products.

What We Do

We are the UK’s leading producer of cold-pressed organic, natural and refined seed and fruit oils, and a supplier of globally sourced oils, butters, essential oils and botanical ingredients. Alongside contract filling and packing, we are contract manufacturers of personal care and nutritional products, specialising in organic and natural formulations.