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Exclusive Anti-Ageing Formula Now Available for UK

We’ve been in eager anticipation for this moment!

To finally announce to all enthusiasts of natural skin care that product NPD-17-001 anti-ageing organic formula is now available to purchase from April 18th.
It’s been an education for us researching ingredients from across the Globe in search of organic and natural seeds and plants to produce an anti-ageing cream that yields impressive benefits.
We’re happy to say that you can now benefit by harnessing nature’s restorative goodness, through purchase of our exclusive new anti-ageing and anti-pollution formula NPD-17-0011.
This new formula has been well worth the effort.

  • We’ve been able to source an exotic, organic fruit that holds the highest recorded level of natural Vitamin C of any plant in the world; 

  • We’ve also included seed oils that are rich in polyphenols that protect cells from free radical damage; 

  • And we’re pleased to have used organic oils containing the most active form of Vitamin E for deep down nourishment to help reduce fine lines. 

The specially selected organic produce of Australian Kakadu Plum, Peruvian Tara, Elkhorn Sea Moss, Dandelion extract and Omega 6 Summer Berry Seeds that make up anti-ageing organic product NPD-17-001, all combine to ensure your skin absorbs some of nature’s most potent doses of natural vitamins and anti-oxidants.
The natural extracts used as the key ingredients in this anti-ageing natural oil product are clinically proven to protect the skin from the damage of urban pollution, and helps prevent microscopic particulate matter in the air from prematurely ageing skin.
So not only can we now harness nature’s own protective and rejuvenating properties direct from organic oils, but as NPD-17-001 anti-ageing formula is free from parabens, allergens, GMO and SLS, it’s also ideal for sensitive skins.

So how can you get hold of this exclusive new anti-ageing, anti-pollution skin care cream?


How to Purchase Anti-Ageing Organic Cream NPD-17-001


Our exclusive anti-ageing, anti-pollution skin care formula NPD-17-001 is now available to purchase directly through Facebook.
Previously, we only made our unique skin care formulas available for large cosmetic skin care companies – but now we’re giving everyone the opportunity to purchase our organic skin care products directly.
One bottle of NPD-17-001 anti-ageing formula comes at the amazing price of £12.95 - including shipping and VAT.
To purchase:

  • Visit our Facebook page: Statfold Seed Oil

  • Click LIKE on the page, because you’re a fan of natural skin care too.

  • Select our Store section

  • Choose NPD-17-001 and add to bag

  • Purchase securely through PayPal

There is no limit per order, and bulk business purchases are available through our contract manufacturing service.


Don’t Miss Out on NPD-17-001 Organic Anti-Ageing Cream


We’ve carefully chosen NPD-17-001 as an anti-ageing formulation that works for everyone.
As a unisex product, fragranced from natural essential oils, this easily absorbed cream is suitable for all skin types and fits perfectly into any skin care regime, day or night.
Free from animal testing and suitable for vegetarians, you can be sure that NPD-17-001 isn’t just another gimmick skin care product for anti-ageing.
NPD-17-001 has been carefully created to be approved by YOU; to meet your skin care needs with natural protection from urban pollution, and with anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients to overhaul skin tone, minimise fine lines and boost your skins natural collagen production.
So that’s why we’d love to hear from you and your thoughts after using anti-ageing formula NPD-17-001. If you post your #NPD17001 selfie and product review on Facebook you can be sure to hear from us!
For more information on the ingredients of anti-ageing, anti-pollution NPD-17-001 visit the product page here.

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