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Skin Care Manufacturing Services for Start-Up Businesses

What was it that inspired you to start up a small skin care business?
Are you passionate about ethical, natural or organic skin care? Did you find a gap in the market that deserved to be filled with the right quality products? Has research led you to become an expert in a skin condition, one that your product can help to remedy?
Whatever reason you have moved into small-batch beauty and skin care production, one thing is for sure, the skin care manufacturer you choose for your product line must be just as dedicated to excellence as you are.
If you already manage, or are planning to start-up, a small skin care business, you know all too well the challenges that come with chasing your passion.
As well as funding and marketing concerns, you also have to consider;

  • where to source the best ingredients for your formulations;
  • how to correctly meet EU regulations and testing requirements;
  • where to find a contract filling service that has a low minimum order quantity;
  • what specialist equipment you should invest in, if any; and how you can ensure your skin care products reach customers in the best possible condition. 
Fortunately, finding a solution to these concerns might be easier than you think.

Skin Care Manufacturer for Small-Batch Filling Requirements

When you partner with a contract manufacturing company that is invested in building your brand, and is determined to help you shine brightly in a highly competitive market, then you can be confident of success.
At Statfold Seed Oil, we started out as a small cottage-industry producing and bottling organic oils. We know first-hand just how challenging it can be to grow your small skin care business, which is why, as an established skin care contract manufacturer, we offer the following helpful services to small-batch skin care start-ups:
Low Minimum Quantity Orders: Many contract filling services will only take orders for high quantities, but here at Statfold Seed Oil, we utilise table-top vacuum fillers for low minimum quantity orders and small runs.  We can then fill and pack your skin care formulations without high minimum quantity orders, perfect for your small-batch skin care business.
We also provide the option to scale up to large volumes with our fully automated lines and coding equipment, so as your business grows, you can keep up with increased demand for your product.
Mixed and Tested Formulations: With our full contract development service, we can expertly put together your formulations for the production of leave-on and wash-off products, including serums, facial creams and body oils.
You may also prefer our range of ready-formulated bases with which you can simply add your chosen fragrances, oils or ingredients; these are always a quick route to getting up and running with your small-batch skin care business. However, we are more than happy to help you create your own unique cosmetic combinations. We will even begin the relevant testing required by the cosmetic regulations, compile the regulative files and register your products on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal [all in the strictest confidence of course].
Produced and Imported High Quality Ingredients: Why not leave the hassle of meeting strict regulations for skin care ingredients and importation to us? Not only do we produce natural, organic certified cold-pressed seed oil and fruit oils right here in the heart of the UK, but we also have a vast range of globally source ingredients that can be incorporated in to your own formulas. The list of ingredients is impressive, just have a peek at some of the organic oils we produce here or our globally sourced essential oils.  Our chilled warehouse (which is UV light protected) means your chosen ingredients will be maintained at the correct temperature for optimal quality.
We also support small-batch skin care businesses that service niche markets and sensitive skins, by providing certified organic ingredients, and bases which are free from SLS, SLES, parabens, fragrances, harsh chemicals and of course, all our ingredients are strictly cruelty free.
Filling, Labelling and Coding: You no longer need to worry about purchasing expensive filling equipment with our small batch filling service which can be adapted to suit your needs. Choose your own packaging from tubes, jars, plastic and glass and see it labelled with your own branding and codes for a professional finish.

Starting Your Journey to a Strong Skin Care Brand

As you see, starting up your own small skin care business doesn’t have to be so daunting when you partner with the right skin care contract manufacturer and filling service. We can take care of a lot of the hassle, regulations, sourcing, mixing and filling, so you can concentrate on marketing and selling your product line.
With Statfold Seed Oil, you will be in expert hands with people that care about getting your brand of skin care the best possible start and the recognition that it deserves.
So, whether you want to start up in skin care, or you already run a small-batch cosmetics business, a brief visit to our skin care contract filling web page might just be the first step you need on your journey to build a strong brand for your small skin care business.

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