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Statfold Seed Oil; Committed to Building Brands

Nestled between rich fields of flax, borage, hemp and evening primrose, our family run business of Statfold Seed Oil began its life as a small cottage industry, operating from the rural location of Staffordshire, England.
The high-quality oils extracted from the organic produce grown at our farms provided the opportunity to start a small-scale refining and bottling service, and as the popularity for pure and distinctive organic oils grew… so did Statfold Seed Oil.
Our strong dedication to delivering superior organic oils helped us to establish an excellent reputation as the UK’s leading producer of cold-pressed organic seed and fruit oils. For over 20 years, it’s been that same commitment that has worked to build brands for other businesses who have chosen to use us to supply organic oils and produce high quality cosmetic bases.
Our commitment to building brands is the reason why businesses like yours can rely on us for exceptional service.
Here’s why…

Quality Organic Oils, Every time

Member of the UK Soil Association: Because we understand the importance and benefits of organic produce, we decided very quickly to become certified as a member of the UK Soil Association, and for 18 years have been meeting the strict standards and requirements set, along with yearly inspections.
Certification for the organic standard with the UK Soil Association means that we do not use genetically modified (GM) crops that have been treated with harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilisers; neither do we source ingredients with controversial preservatives.
This ensures that the seed oil we provide is certified organic, with superior quality and a higher number of key antioxidants (60%) than conventionally grown produce as identified by research published in the British Journal of Nutrition.
A benefit you can be proud to promote when using Statfold Seed Oil as your supplier for organic oil ingredients.
Supplier of Globally Sourced Produce; Further evidence of our conviction for quality is the wide range of organic ingredients available for use in formulations.
For 20 years, we have worked hard to build strong working relationships with global producers to source the highest quality raw materials and botanical ingredients. To do this, we regularly travel and inspect the production processes of our suppliers, so that we can make sure that the natural ingredients you wish to use in your health or cosmetic bases are ethically sourced, full of natural goodness and meet stringent COSMOS standards.
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing & Production; As one of the first oil producers in the UK to use cold-pressing, here at Statfold Seed Oil we have perfected our processes to ensure that seed oil extraction is carried out as naturally as possible; preserving maximum nutritional benefits and protecting delicate seed oil against the use of damaging heat, chemicals or solvents.
In addition to providing high quality cold-pressed seed oil, we have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment, a manufacturing plant, laboratories and a dedicated team to provide you with versatile options in formula creation, filling, labelling, coding and packaging services.
With purpose-built cleanrooms for cosmetic mixing, a range of vacuum-assisted production equipment, cutting-edge water purification systems and UV protected storage, we have thought of everything to ensure your product reaches customers in the best condition possible, boosting your brand reputation.

Building Your Brand from Concept to Production

With our customers ranging from supermarkets to new starters, and our formulations used for high-end cosmetics to niche small-batch beauty brands; you can be sure of adaptable services to meet a variety of requirements.
For example, to help meet the challenges facing entrepreneurs looking to build their brand, we provide the valuable opportunity to order bespoke formulations and organic oils at a lower minimum order quantity (MOQ) for small batch options.
For larger businesses, we have expert tube-filling facilities producing up to 30,000 units per day with professional seals, batch numbers, BBD and a range of packaging options.
Whether your product line requires unique bespoke formulations created in our purpose-built laboratories, or clinically tested ready-made bases for leave-on and wash-off products, we have the facilities and organic ingredients to expertly build your brand reputation.
In line with our dedication to organic, natural formulations for health care and cosmetics, our bases are kept, GMO free, paraben free, SLS free and of course, cruelty free.
Improving Your Product Line with Natural Oils and Organic Formulations
To truly find out how our team and facilities at Statfold Seed Oil can help you build your brand with natural seed oils and organic cosmetics, why not visit us on site?
There you can meet our highly experienced team and learn how our contract manufacturing process and filling service can meet your business needs. You’ll also be able to view some of our impressive organic ingredients grown on site.
In the meantime, we would love to hear from you so that we can help you develop your product ideas completely from concept to creation.
Feel free to contact us here for more information, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out the latest in cosmetic trends and contract manufacturing opportunities.

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