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Cold Pressed Organic Natural Refined Oils

Organic Oils

These are Cold Pressed produced from organically grown seeds, kernels and fruit, grown on land that has been organically certified. All our organic products are certified by the UK Soil Association.

Statfold bespoke cold-pressing process produces the highest quality cold-pressed oil. As we only press the seed once the oil retains a high level of naturally occurring essential fatty acids.

For nutritional oils, such as flax seed oil this cold pressing process produces a premium oil high in omega 3 with a smooth rich taste.  All organic products are fully supported by the UK Soil Association and have full traceability.

With hundreds of oil varieties currently available, browse our A-Z product listing now:

> Statfold A to Z Product listing

If you cannot find the oil that you need, or if you require technical documents, marketing information and prices, our sourcing team will be happy to help, please contact us for help


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