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Cold Pressed Organic Natural Refined Oils

Organic Oils

Fully certified so you know quality is guaranteed, our extensive range of cold pressed organic oils retains the properties of their organic sources to deliver unrivalled quality.

All of our organic oils are produced from organically grown seeds, kernels, and fruits, which we only press once the oil retains a high level of naturally occurring essential fatty acids. These seeds, kernels, and fruits are all grown on organically certified land and all of our organic products are certified by the UK Soil Association and have full traceability. Not only does this ensures that all of our products deliver the highest possible quality but that they also come from sustainable and trustworthy sources so you can rest assured that you are provided with an ethical and authentic final product.

Our in-house cold-pressing process has been developed to produce the best oils possible from organic ingredients, retaining the properties that make them so valuable and enriching them with whatever properties you need to offer a precise organic oil solution. For example, our organic nutritional oils, such as flax seed oil, is produced to be a premium oil rich in omega 3 with a smooth taste that wouldn’t be possible without our bespoke cold-pressed process.

If you are on the market for high quality and certified cold-pressed organic oils, either search our A-Z Product Listing page for our entire product range including PDF technical documents, or contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with both tried-and-tested products or a custom blend for your brand.

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