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Cold Pressed Organic Natural Refined Oils

Organic Refined Oils

Looking for a specialised oil product to deliver a unique and highly effective performance over a long time? Our cold-pressed organic refined oils are the perfect solution for a range of products and services.

Our refining and deodorising process has been developed to guarantee a premium product that can greatly extend a products lifetime, with rigorous quality testing and quality assurance, and has been recognised with organic certification for health and beauty by the UK Soil Association.

By refining our organic oils, it allows them to maintain their quality over a longer time, and leaves them with no odour or colour, making them excellent for oils used in beauty and cosmetic products. This is particularly valuable for some organic oils, such as organic sunflower oil, when they are used in high percentages. This is because when these oils are applied in high volumes, they can slow down the oxidation process which can sometimes create an odour over time. The refining process prevents this, allowing your products to last longer and always deliver their best performance.

Refined organic oils are ideal and well-suited to a range of health and beauty products. If you are looking to improve your products, browse our A-Z Product List for information and technical documents relating to our entire range of products, or get in touch today via our contact form below with any specific questions or requests you may have.

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