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Contract Manufacturing

From the selection and weighing of raw materials to the final stages of product mixing, our experienced production teams stay with your product from the beginning to end of the manufacturing process.

We have a wealth of experience in mixing and manufacturing a wide variety of organic and natural oils, as well as water and oil-based products, and our rigorous quality and safety checks to ensure that each and every batch meets the same standard and specification every time. These procedures form part of our ISO policy 22716 and are completely transparent with full traceability on each raw material.

Our high-end water purification system incorporates triple filtering and UV screening to produce the cleanest and safest water base possible. As well as this, we operate a range of mixing vessels for high sheer recirculation and paddle mixing including stainless steel, sealed vacuum-assisted, heat-sealed, and cold-sealed.

Whether we’re making water based wash off or leave on products, liquids or oil blends, in batch sizes from 50kg to 5 tonnes, all our products benefit from our years of manufacturing expertise.Get in touch today to talk more about our methods and find out how we can help you make your latest product a reality.

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