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Formulation & Design

Our dedication to innovative cosmetic science and formulation design has us constantly striving to expand our capabilities and services we offer to our customers.

From our constant evaluation of market trends in the beauty, health, wellbeing, and superfood industries, to the studying of the latest ingredients, our team of skilled researchers is ready to get creative and help you with a formulated product design today. 

We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic and dedicated to innovative formulation product designs, working with the latest ingredients and developments, and our knowledgeable insight into consumer trends and demands. We also have a wealth of experience developing products to natural and organically-certified standards using our vast range of certified ingredients. 

Our formulation product design services follow all regulatory aspects of the health and beauty industries, ensuring our products are safe for use in skincare, haircare and other personal care products.

Our team are always ready to get creative so get in touch and see what we can do with your latest product idea today.

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