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Project Management

Our expert team is well versed in taking your ideas from concept to shelf. As project managers in the beauty industry, collaboration is a key part of our process. The success of the brand rests on the positive collaboration between our team and our customers. 

We want you to feel confident that you have chosen the right beauty project manager for your brand, and so we have developed an effective and efficient process that fully supports our customer’s ideals.

Once your brief has been submitted and approved, our dedicated team of specialists will be able to advise a path of action to take. This aims to lay out all key stages of product development, including regulative testing and formulation or design adjustments.

Regular calls and progress meetings ensure your involvement at every stage: this is paramount to ensure the integrity of our collaborative process. All amendments to submitted samples are documented and re-sampled within the timelines outlined at the beginning of the process. Once formulations are approved, our team will be able to provide costings for manufacture.

We are also on-hand to advise on formulations, ingredients and market trends, providing you with the specialist knowledge you need to successfully develop your product. All of our beauty and cosmetic project management initiatives are undertaken in the strictest confidence, so get in touch today to discuss your ideas further - we’d love to work with you.

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