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Research and Development

Ethics and innovation are at the heart of our research and development department. With our focus on performance-based products, our team has worked hard over the years to deliver solutions to our customers that will keep their customers coming back. Our efforts in organic product development are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, and creating genuinely beneficial products that will make a difference. 

We are constantly researching organics and looking for new oils, oil and water-based products, and unique ingredients to use in formulation and design. Our dedicated team of research and development specialists are constantly exploring and sourcing the latest in preservatives and emulsifying systems along with natural, organic, and active ingredients - with and without clinical trials.

Our team of chemists research the origin, sustainability, and ethnicity of all our ingredients and make sure that every formulation and natural product development project - designed and created in our laboratory - is unique. We are well versed in tailoring our products to meet individual brand requirements and fully comply with all relevant regulations.

As well as researching the raw ingredients, our team is also adept at taking the project from concept through to development, sampling, and full-scale production. Scaling up from small sample units to batches of up to 5 tonnes is not always a simple process, but we treat the sustainability of production as seriously as the sustainability of the product.

Weekly monitoring of stability and pack compatibility as well as micro, challenge, and product safety testing all ensure that your products are perfectly consistent and of the highest quality. We love being challenged to create new and exciting organic product developments, so let us know today if you have an idea or ingredient for our next project.

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