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As a major stockist, producer, and supplier of organic and natural vegetable oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes, we understand that sustainability and conformity are paramount.

We have spent many years building strategic relationships with global suppliers and producers of ingredients as well as constantly researching and adding new products to our collection. This attention to detail means that we can react quickly to any global change, and monitor the impact that our ingredients may have.

From organic and natural oils to fragrances, essential oils, and other active ingredients, our vast variety of ready-to-go products provide our customers with the range needed to really make their products unique. Browse our range of products online today, or contact us directly to discuss your specific product sourcing needs.

The one stop shop- logistically we make sense we have all the right paper work in all the right places to enable smooth exports and imports to and from the EU we have it covered.

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