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How Contract Manufacturing Can Offer Efficient Brand Solutions

When looking into creating your own line of products, the list of things to consider can appear to be endless and can become overwhelming. Particularly within the beauty and cosmetic industry, finding a unique brand identity and standing out from the crowd can pose a big challenge.

At Statfold, we understand the importance of a unique product, crafted carefully and always with quality in mind. Our contract manufacturing, packing and filling services can provide your business with the ideal solution, balancing your valuable brand insight with our experience in product bases and project management.


What is contract manufacturing?

Rather than managing the production of your beauty and cosmetic products in-house, Statfold offers its services as a contract manufacturer, packer and filler. Contract manufacturing refers to the outsourcing of product manufacturing, where it can then be redistributed to market. This arrangement can also involve the:

  • Packing of your product
  • Filling of your product  


Brand customisation with contract manufacturing

When creating your own line of products, the foremost concern for many business owners is how they will set their brand apart, and promote a unique brand identity. At Statfold, we offer both bespoke product formulation design. With a skilled team of creative professionals, we can work closely with you and guide you in creating the perfect product solutions to reach business objectives, and stand out from the competition.


Contract manufacturing provides flexibility with product demand

Whether you are building a brand from the ground up, or creating a new line of products for your business, gauging the initial and long-term demand for your product can often be difficult. Perhaps your product will perform better seasonally, or fluctuate based on marketing campaigns. Contract manufacturing provides you with the ability to scale the requirements of your products, increasing or decreasing production based on demand.

This will significantly reduce the pressure and risk of miscalculating product demand and largely over or under-stocking product, likely mitigating you from potential business losses further down the line. 


Quality assurance with a contract manufacturer

Arguably the most important aspect of manufacturing any product is a strict quality assurance policy, to ensure that your customers receive products that reflect your brand’s standard of professionalism. With Statfold’s contract packing and filling services, there are rigorous quality control checks through every step of the process.

Our fully automated tube contract filling and labelling machines provide the ultimate level of efficiency and degree of quality, providing reliable packing solutions. Our packing machines boast adaptable lines, able to cater to both large and small volumes of products to suit any business requirements.


How contract manufacturing can save you valuable time

If you decide to work alongside a contract manufacturing company like Statfold for your business’s product needs, you liberate yourself from the time required to manage it solo. Managing production and packaging operations internally can be a time-consuming and research-intensive process. Outsourcing will leave you with more time to redirect onto other aspects of the business, such as your business strategy or marketing initiatives – see our article on 5 Reasons to Use a Skincare Contract Manufacturer.


What Statfold can offer your business

Statfold Natural Products are committed to providing your business with quality solutions for your health and beauty product needs. A family run business, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our genuine dedication to helping companies grow and succeed in their goals.

Our contract manufacturing, packing and filling services are the ideal solution for many businesses, providing them with peace of mind that their business initiatives are in the best, capable hands.

For more information on our contract packing, manufacturing and filling services, or to enquire about our other services or white label products, get in touch today on 01827 830 871, or fill out our contact form and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

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