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Hair Care

Innovation meets individuality in our range of white label shampoos and conditioners. Statfold offers a customisable solution to your hair care requirements that allows you to curate a unique brand identity, whilst delivering exceptional hair-cleansing experiences.

Our white label shampoos embrace the principles of quality, ethics, and personalisation. With a commitment to utilising carefully sourced ingredients and eco-conscious production methods, we ensure that each bottle of shampoo is a careful formulation of beneficial components that will resonate well with consumers seeking natural and effective haircare solutions.

Unleash your creativity as you craft a signature line of shampoos and conditioners. Our white label service empowers you to not only customise the formulation, but also to design packaging that best captures the essence of your brand. From nourishing botanical blends to specialised treatments, the possibilities are limitless, allowing your brand's unique voice to shine through.

With a focus on delivering quality results, our shampoos and conditioners are formulated to address a variety of hair concerns, promoting healthy scalps, luscious locks, and a vibrantly hydratedshine. Whether your customers seek volume, hydration, or clarification cleansing, your brand can provide the solution they're searching for.

Explore our range of white label shampoos below, or get in touch with us at 01827 830 871 or to make an enquiry regarding the most fitting haircare solution for your business, and let the dedicated professionals at Statfold guide you through the process.

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