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Contract Filling and Packing

Once your product has been expertly formulated and manufactured, the next step is to transfer it into bottles or containers ready for use and sale. At Statfold, we operate various filling, coding, and labelling lines for a variety of natural and organic oils and oil and water-based products from liquids to gels.

Our dedicated and experienced teams deliver the highest quality in filling and packaging your products. We have strict quality systems in place to ensure that every single unit we produce is in line with our systems and standards. Our fully automated tube filling and labelling machines provide efficiency and reliability, with adaptable lines able to cater to large and small volumes alike. 

With 5 individual, purpose-built filling rooms, we can fill, code and pack your finished product into a vast range of packages including glass and plastic tubes, jars, and bottles (5ml and up) with various closures including airless pumps. We also have specialist filling lines for high-viscose products and formulations containing particles, meaning that whatever your packaging needs, your product is in safe hands.

For more information on our filling and packaging services, please get in touch today.

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