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Face Masks

Elevate your health and beauty brand with our white label organic face masks. Lightweight, yet deeply nourishing additions to any skincare routine.

Our organic face masks are derived from over 99% ethically sourced, natural ingredients that bestow a healthy, radiant glow. Select moisturising agents, alongside specifically chosen actives in each cream, leave your skin feeling smooth and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and added vitamins aid in rejuvenating and brightening the complexion.

Along with these ingredients, many of our creams and organic face masks are imbued with our Organic and Natural Skincare Signature Fragrances, which offer a symphony of essential oils blended together to create delicate, stand-out fragrances that will ensure a fresh aroma all day.

The white label range also includes a range of COSMOS organic and COSMOS natural fully certified products.

Statfold offers you the opportunity to make the call on your preferred packaging and branding, whilst offering valuable support and assistance from conception through to packaging. Ensuring a seamless transition from bottle to shelf, we can even help with bespoke formulations to make the cream that’s right for you and your customers.

See our range of white label face and neck creams below, or, alternatively, get in touch with us at 01827 830 871 or if you require more tailored advice on the most suitable white label product for yourself or your brand.

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