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Hand, Nails and Foot Care

White label luxury hand cream, nail cream and foot care products from Statfold use gentle, natural ingredients and production methods to create creams and oils that cleanse and exfoliate thoroughly, every time.

Infused with clean, natural ingredients, our white label hand, nail and foot products surpass the ordinary. Each ingredient is carefully hand selected from nature's bounty, ensuring a sensorial and natural skin care experience. Not only do the luxury creams and oils rejuvenate, but they also align seamlessly with your brand's dedication to ethical and wholesome practices.

Your brand's essence will be elevated with the introduction of one of our luxury hand creams, or nail and foot care products.. With our White Label offering, you possess the creative freedom to customise not only the formulation of the products, but also the sophisticated packaging, allowing your brand to shine as brightly as the results your customers will cherish.

Take a look at our range of white label luxury hand creams, nail products and foot care products below, or get in touch with us at 01827 830 871 or today for any and all enquiries that you may have about a particular product, or starting your journey with our white label products for your clientele.

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