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How to Start a Skincare Brand with Statfold


Have you ever thought about being part of a growing market and starting a skincare business, but don’t know where to begin? Launching your brand using white label products can be a fulfilling journey, providing all the opportunity for customisation and personalisation of your brand, without the added stress and startup fees of manufacturing your own product.

Statfold Natural Products offer a wide range of white label products, formulated by market experts, and utilise plant-based, active ingredients.  Find out more about why Statfold could be the ideal partner to springboard your skincare business plans.


What products would I sell?


Here at Statfold, we manufacture a vast range of white label skincare formulations, from exfoliants to massage oils. If your skincare business aims to offer a diverse, wide range of products, our white label formulations provide a versatile solution. Alternatively, if you are partial to a smaller range of more specialised products, our range can accommodate this too.

When considering which products to sell when you start a skincare business, you must first consider your customer base and who you’re trying to appeal to. Are you trying to appeal to an ageing market, offering products with anti-ageing and firming properties, for example?  

Statfold can create the foundation for specialisation, and allow you to carve out a distinct identity with the products you want to offer when starting a skincare business.

What ingredients should I use?

When you want to start a skincare business, the next stage of decision making will fall to what is, arguably, the most important factor: the ingredients. To the untrained eye, skincare formulation ingredients can be a complex and overwhelming sea of jargon. However, building your business alongside Statfold can ensure that your product is created by experts who are able to guide you through the entire process, and advise on the type of ingredients that will best reflect your brand identity.

In today’s society, there is a huge emphasis on the use of natural, gentle products that are genuinely beneficial to the skin in some form. Here at Statfold, our range includes products with COSMOS organic and COSMOS natural certified ingredients, so you can rest assured that what you are selecting is both genuine and reputable.

Statfold’s Off-The-Shelf Ready Bases

What sets Statfold apart from other white label skincare manufacturers is its fully customisable skincare bases. With the basics already established, you are free to customise as much or as little as your new business requires, in order to add the maximum brand identity into your product. These ready bases include:


What is the process of design and packaging for my product?

When starting a skincare business, deciding on your particular packaging is essential when it is the first thing customers will see, and when they make their purchasing decisions based upon this. Therefore, it is critical that you have an eye-catching, yet professional style of packaging, right down to the labelling. Furthermore, it is vital that your branding is reflective of your business’ personality, as customers want to feel they are buying from a genuine, reliable brand that has their best interests at heart.

By working with Statfold, you relieve the pressure and time of sorting the packaging process, such as bottling, coding and labelling, through our meticulous quality assurance systems. This liberates both your time and energy, of which you are free to channel into your creative side when designing your unique branding.


The legal side of selling skincare products in the UK

Embarking on a skincare business can be daunting, especially when navigating the legal complexities of launching products.  However, when working with Statfold, we take care of that for you. All of our formulations adhere to EU/UK regulations, and are shelf ready. Your start-up business’ only task is a brand registration—an aspect that Statfold are also able to complete for you, should you wish.


How Statfold can help

If you have been thinking about starting a skincare business, but are unsure of where to start, this article hopes to have shown you the simplified process when working with us. A family-run business, quality and a personal service is at the heart of everything we do.

Establishing a successful, thriving business requires a strong foundation. Our white label product range and in-house production lines provides just that, so you have time to focus on developing a brand identity, whilst trusting that your product is in safe, educated hands. 

Whether you need trustworthy sourcing of ingredients, hands-on product design and development, contract manufacturing, filling and packing or any combination of the above, we can help you build your business. Explore our services below, and get in touch today for more information on how Statfold can help to kickstart your business the right way.

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