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How We Are Different from Other Cosmetic Manufacturers

With the cosmetic and self-care industry growing exponentially in today’s economy, there is little surprise that the number of cosmetic manufacturers in the UK has subsequently increased rapidly. In an age of influencing and aggressive marketing tactics on every platform, it is difficult to begin to comprehend and recognise the type of product would be best suited to your business and its requirements. Therefore, this article aims to explain what sets Statfold apart from other cosmetic manufacturers in the UK, and how working with us can benefit you.


Statfold’s Products

Here at Statfold Natural Products, we take complete pride in our array of both natural and organic products. Offering products ranging from body butters to facial serums, each is a genuine and expertly-crafted blend of natural and organic ingredients, carefully sourced from around the globe.

Remaining true to the beginning of Statfold’s journey in 1992, our products are formulated with the consumer in mind, and with a genuine passion for beneficial cosmetic products. All possessing high-quality, organically certified and cruelty free properties, Statfold’s products do not ‘cut corners’; the utmost thought and care is taken in their formulation and production.


How Statfold Can Help Your Business

At Statfold, our White Label Products stand out as a hallmark service; utilising these as a foundation for your business ensures you can spend more of your time on building your business in other areas. However, many cosmetic manufacturers in the UK offer these services, so what sets Statfold apart?


Smaller Minimum Order Quantity Specifications (MOQS)

To aid in the start-up of smaller businesses, Statfold offer smaller MOQS (Minimum Order Quantity Specifications). This involves a smaller number of products, or quantity of units, that can be produced in a singular order—ideal for providing smaller businesses with a more accessible opportunity to get their products up and running.


Keeping all aspects of design and production in-house

At Statfold, all aspects of design, production, filing and packing are carried out in-house. Whilst this may not appear to be relevant to your business at first, it proves to have many potential benefits that do not come with outsourcing. With everything occurring in-house, Statfold have direct oversight over the complete production process, so any issues that may arise can be addressed promptly, resulting in stronger quality control.

Furthermore, in-house production ensures optimal efficiency, involving less communication delays with external manufacturers. Thus, Statfold can assure you a streamlined and efficient production and manufacturing system. 


Finally, an in-house production system allows for complete flexibility and customisation of the products that would best represent your business—part of the bespoke experience that Statfold prides itself on.


A Bespoke Experience

Setting us apart from other cosmetic manufacturers in the UK, we aim to provide every client with a bespoke experience. Offering off the shelf, tailored formulations with the potential to customise packaging and labelling, Statfold can provide your brand with a unique product through our White Label range.

In providing the opportunity to customise and brand products to your preference, Statfold enables tailored solutions that align closely with your businesses’ personality and style.

Explore our full range of white-label skincare and beauty products below, or download our white-label brochure for information on all of our products. For more information on how we can support your brand, please contact us today on 01827 830 871 or

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