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What Are White Label Services for Health & Beauty?

In the modern health and beauty industry, leveraging the power of white label services can be a game-changing strategy, revolutionising the way businesses develop, expand, and market their products. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you could benefit from using white label products to support your retail or hospitality business.


What are white label services?

“White label” products are manufactured by one company, but branded and sold or distributed by another. In this sense, white label services are a form of outsourcing. The first company brings knowledge of the manufacturing process and the facilities to bulk produce goods, while the second (buying) company applies their brand expertise and knowledge of their customer base to ultimately sell the product.

Both companies can work together to shape the product itself, with the white label company suggesting materials, ingredients and manufacturing methods that will reflect the buying company’s vision of the product.


White label services in health & beauty

White label services are used extensively in the health & beauty industry for many reasons.



Hospitality businesses might need to dip their toes into the health & beauty market to produce bespoke products for their customers. For example, spas and hotels use white label manufacturers to produce unique toiletries and skincare products to provide their customers with an on-brand experience. How many times have you been in a hotel that supplies shampoo with the hotel’s branding? That’s white label manufacturing in action!



Similarly, a health & beauty retailer might need to use white label services to produce branded products if they don’t have a manufacturing facility of their own. Branching out into product manufacturing can be a costly and risky process, even for medium-to-large size companies, who might prefer to rely on the expertise of an external white label manufacturer.



Because of the risk associated with starting your own manufacturing services, health & beauty start-up companies might rely on white label services for the same reason. They can use a white label manufacturer to prototype and produce initial batches of their products to bring to market to reduce the overhead costs on a new business.


You’ve probably seen that influencers on social media venture into product lines to monetize their influence and engage with their audience. Partnering with a white label service allows them to create personalized health and beauty products that resonate with their brand and followers.


What other sectors use white label services?

White label services are not only useful in the health & beauty sector. Other industries rely on white label manufacturers to produce branded products, and many of the same principles above apply. These industries include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Personal Care and Wellness (e.g. vitamins, dietary supplements)
  • Banking (for branded credit and debit cards or online banking platforms)
  • Technology (for both hardware and software)


Advantages of using white label services

White label services let you take advantage of your strengths as a company while addressing your weaknesses through a third-party service. There are numerous benefits to using a white label service for your product design and manufacturing needs.


Expand your product line

White label services allow you to expand your product line without significant investment in new staff, new resources, or new facilities. If you think your company needs to introduce a new product line to cater to a certain portion of the market, you can rely on a white label service to help you get that product line off the ground.


Make your business more cost-effective

Because you don’t need to invest in new assets, using a white label service also makes your business more cost-effective. You won’t be spending money on aspects that might not bear fruit in the way that you anticipated, and you’ll be able to focus your efforts and budget on areas where it matters the most.


Build a strong brand identity

One of the most important areas you’ll be able to invest more time and resources into is brand identity. By letting the white label service take care of the product composition and the manufacturing, you’ll be better suited to building a strong brand that suits the products and your customers.


Scale up or down to suit your needs

Because introducing a new product line can be a risky business, white label services offer the incredible opportunity to scale or down depending on your needs. That means you can respond to unexpected demand by scaling production up and producing more of your new product, or scale things down if sales aren’t what you were expecting.


White label services from Statfold Natural Products

Based in rural Staffordshire and with over thirty years’ experience in natural oils, skincare products, and contract manufacturing, Statfold Natural Products are the perfect white label service provider for all of your health & beauty needs. Our products are formulated by market experts and use the latest plant-based active ingredients to produce some of the most desirable organic white label creams, gels and oils that money can buy.

We’re incredibly proud to have been a family owned and operated business since 1992, and our welcoming team are always happy to advise and quote on any of your specifications and preferences. Just give us a call on 01827 830 871, send us an email, or get in touch via our online enquiry form.

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