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Cold Pressed Organic Natural Refined Oils

Refined Oils

Refined oils are crystal clear and have no odour or colour. The process of refining extends an oil’s shelf life to 24 months, compared to the usual 12 months of natural oils.

At Statfold we have 3 on-site small batch refiners that bleach and deodorise oils to produce high-quality  cosmetic grade oils, the system we use has a versatile range allowing us to refine in 250kg batches for full refining and 130kg batches for just deodorising. 

With hundreds of oil varieties currently available, browse our A-Z product listing now:

> Statfold A to Z Product listing

If you cannot find the oil that you need, or if you require technical documents, marketing information and prices, our sourcing team will be happy to help, please contact us for help


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